The Meteoriks at a glance All you need to know in a nutshell

The Meteoriks

The Meteoriks are an award to honor the best demoscene productions of 2016. They have been presented at the Revision demoparty in April 2017.

The Demoscene

The demoscene is a computer subculture consisting of creative minds with passions of creating realtime art. Learn more here and visit a demoparty!

Meteoriks 2016 Winners

You can review the winners and nominees of all thirteen categories from last year, or watch the awards ceremony here! Thanks to the Revision Team to let us host our show.


This year, only the Public Choice and New Talent categories are fixed: all other categories are open for proposal! No matter if you code on 30 year-old machines, do music on the newest of the new, or carve demogroup-logos into potatoes: there can be a category for you, if you propose it!

Call for jurors

The winner of each category will be determined by three judges. That’s a lot of judges you say? Well, you’re right and you should consider applying.
Head over to the categories website and sign up for categories that you feel you'd be a good juror for!

Juror application deadline has passed.

Recommend a production

The jurors are in session and starting to make sense of the huge amount of things that have been released in 2016. They are working hard not to overlook worthy entries, but we want to make extra sure that everything gets considered.

So if you have any special production in mind for one of our categories, that you think deserves the jury's attention, submit it here!

The deadline for recommendation has passed.

Categories There's something for everybody

Best Direction

Which production best used the means at its disposal to convey its intent?

Direction is the art of choosing the right camera angle, the right framing, and getting the sequence and timing of scenes just right to convey a specific message, or evoke a specific feeling.

That's Not Possible On This Platform!

For the best effect that seems to exceed the abilities of the platform it's running on

"Faking it" has been part of the demoscene forever. And faking it so convincingly that jaws drop is what this category is supposed to honor. It is all about making the impossible possible, and doing things that you would not believe your machine is capable of.

Best high-end 4k intro

The very best of what is possible in 4k

Seems many productions released nowadays are 4k high-end intros. Let´s give them an own category because they shouldn´t been mixed up with 8k or even 64k prods.

Best Storytelling / Storyline / Plot

All kind of productions can tell a story. Which one did tell the best or most touching story in 2016?

Most categories have a focus on technical achievements, but there are also a lot of productions trying to tell a story (and maybe not feature the latest and most awesome effect). This is also supposed to be another cross-platform/cross-compo category, as all productions alike (from music to gfx, demo to intro, dfox to Gartenzaun) can tell a story in their own way and media.


Best production with interactive elements

The demoscene is not just about demos and intros. This category honors the best interactive productions of the year, such as games, musicdisks or interactive experiments.

Best Freestyle Graphics

Any original freehand drawing released at a demoparty, created with a computer using pixel, vector, or painting techniques

Art is art is art.

Best Low-end Intro

Released in a size-limited party competition, released as an intro, or regarded as an intro on its platform, and between 1K and 64K in size

Because it's traditional!

Best Soundtrack

Best soundtrack used in a production on any platform (no stand-alone music)

There are a lot of talented musicians in the scene. Lets honor them.

Best low-end demo

Best demo on a low end platform

Best high-end demo

Best Demo on a High-End Platform of size 5k and up

New Talent

Best production by newcomers. Includes break-through performances by already existing sceners

This category is for everybody who has either made a memorable entrance into the demoscene in the past year (with their first productions), or suddenly came to full glory in 2015 (breakthrough improvement, new platform or discipline)

Public Choice

Most popular production

You suggest, you vote! This category is pure democracy!

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